Brain Innovation Days 2024: Navigating the Brain Across a Lifetime

The 4th edition of the Brain Innovation Days will take place on 13-14 November 2024 in Brussels (Belgium) under the overarching theme Navigating the Brain Across a Lifetime. The two jam-packed days of high-level brain innovation will host a series of exciting Brain Talks, How-To sessions and countless matchmaking/networking opportunities. The programme will include a wide array of session types, including plenary sessions, inspiring Brain Talks, Poster and Innovation Showcase, matchmaking and networking activities (guided and spontaneous), the Brain Innovation Days Pitch Competition, breakout sessions, panels, how-to sessions and other excited session formats still under wraps!



Blossoming Brains: Early Brain Development

Delving into the critical influence of prenatal and perinatal factors, including the mother’s health, on brain development, shaping the trajectory of early childhood cognitive and emotional development.

brain house

Building Brains: Schools and Workplaces

Examining brain capital through lifelong learning and cognitive resilience and exploring school and workplace implications, emphasizing skills development for maintaining brain health.

Timeless Brains: Nurturing Resilience, Embracing Change

Focusing on tailored healthcare policies addressing cognitive decline and neurodegenerative disorders, and exploring strategies for promoting brain health in older adults.

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Holistic Brains: Strategies for Brain Health in a Dynamic Society

Encompassing screening, early detection, intervention, and care, emphasizing a holistic approach, and exploring the impact of various societal factors, including social deprivation, the influence of social media, education, climate anxiety, migration, and natural disasters on brain health.

brain diagram

Advancements in Neurotechnology: Pioneering Innovations

Unlocking the power of telemedicine and remote monitoring for brain health, emphasizing the convenience and accessibility these technologies offer. We also delve into the role of wearable technologies in tracking and enhancing brain functions. Additionally, the narrative explores digital therapeutics and interventions.