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Innovation Days

179 Million Europeans are currently living with brain disorders. This is to steady increase, as the population ages.

At some point of their life, one in three Europeans will live with a brain disease – neurological and mental alike. As a result, the estimations are that brain disorders account for up to 45% of total healthcare budgets. Therefore, this burden is expected to grow.

Despite the prevalence of brain disorders in Europe, a wide range of mental and neurological conditions has currently no disease-modifying treatment or cure. Developing treatments can significantly improve the lives of those living with brain disorders, but it is extremely challenging.

Compared to other disease areas, multiple factors hinder the pace of innovation in this field, including the complexity of the brain itself. As a result, brain treatments remain insufficient. In addition, research is disproportionally underfunded compared to other disease areas.

In conclusion, we believe enhanced multi-stakeholder engagement in the brain ecosystem is needed to foster dialogue, exchange knowledge, accelerate investment in research and innovation, facilitate business development and showcase on-going work.

The Brain Innovation Days were created to tackle these challenges. 

The Brain Innovation Days stem from an idea spearheaded by the European Brain Council and beLean.net in 2019, which came into fruition upon the launch of the first Digital Session in October 2020 and the first Brain Innovation Days Pitch Competition in January 2021.


The European Brain Council (EBC) is a network of key players in the “brain space”, with a membership encompassing scientific and professional societies, patient organisations and industry partners. A non-profit organisation based in Brussels, its main mission is to promote brain research with the goal of improving the lives of those living with brain conditions, mental and neurological alike.

beLean.net is the reference accelerator in the field of biotechnology and medical technologies in Wallonia, Belgium. Its team of complementary experts supports biotechs and medtechs by providing them services in strategy, finance and management all along their growth journey: from scratch, through start-up to scale-up.