3rd Brain Innovation Days Pitch Competition

We are looking forward to hosting the 3rd Brain Innovation Days this year! Do you have a start-up or business plan set up for the next great brain innovation and are up for some competition? Then the Brain Innovation Days Pitch Competition is the opportunity for you! Pitch your business in no more than 180 seconds to join the running for a Jury and/or Public Prize.

In 2021, the first Brain Innovation Days Pitch Competition was held online, amassing more than 1000 audience votes. In 2022, the Pitch Competition went live in person, with 5 outstanding finalists pitching on stage in Brussels

We want to provide the opportunity to showcase great examples of brain innovation in Europe that can create positive impact — innovations and solutions that will improve the quality of life of people with brain disorders (neurological and mental alike) and support clinicians, researchers, patients & caregivers, industry, and society as a whole.

Jury Members

Diana Saraceni

Founder & Managing Partner

Panakès Partners

Maarten Van Gorp

Startup Scout & Project Officer


Marius Declerck


E-Health Venture

Sameer Zuberi

Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow

Enric Claverol-Tinturé

Programme Manager

European Innovation Council

Daniel Koppelkamm


Convergence Partners

2023 Finalists

Pitch Competition Finalist #1 - Axinesis

Digital Neuro-Therapeutics Platform for @Home neurorehabilitation

Axinesis helps patients with motor and cognitive disorders achieve faster recovery and return to social participation with intensive, functional and motivational therapy. The easy to use and highly engaging neurorehabilitation devices ensure patients receive the amount and intensity of therapy required to drive neuroplasticity and functional recovery.

Pieter Van Den Steen



Pitch Competition Finalist #2 - Brightmind.AI

Clinically effective, personalized neuromodulation bought to everyday life

BRIGHTMIND.AI is a developer of neuromodulation technology with the goal of creating better brain health solutions. The company uses artificial intelligence to send personalized stimulation to an individual’s brain wave oscillations and directly measures biofeedback to continuously improve the efficacy of therapies to the central nervous 

system, allowing users to track continuous learning cycles and proprietary designs of an effective brain recording stimulation technique.

Florian Lerchbammer-Kreith



Pitch Competition Finalist #3 - MindAhead

For a healthy brain – now and later.

MindAhead created an AI-powered tool for early detection and therapy, combatting dementia and improving lives. 

Nina Kiwit

Managing Director


Pitch Competition Finalist #4 - Neurolentech

Paves the way in drug discovery for neurodevelopmental disorders

Neurolentech was founded in late 2020 as a spin-out from IST Austria to identify new treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders. They use the latest scientific laboratory techniques to develop patient-derived neuronal cell models that give us insights into the molecular mechanisms of disease. They use these insights to develop new potential treatments in close partnership with biopharma companies.

Fiona Nielsen



Pitch Competition Finalist #5 - SYNTROPIC

The New Standard In Drug Free Mental Health Therapy

Syntropic is developing a revolutionary new mental health therapy that does not require the use of medications or invasive procedures. The Syntropic therapy replicates the effects of some exisiting medications without the associated side effects.

Mark Caffrey