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Be a leader in brain innovation

The Brain Innovation Days were created to showcase the cutting-edge innovation happening in the brain space. We want to bring the leading players around the table to pave the way for a more innovative Europe and to tackle the intricacies of the brain together.180 million Europeans live with a brain condition. However, treatment and interventions remain scarce for many. Only through enhanced multi-stakeholder engagement in the brain ecosystem can progress be made.The Brain Innovation Days is the platform for dialogue, knowledge exchange, investment potentials, facilitated business development and showcasing of on-going work. So, what’s in it for you?

  • Position your company as an innovator and market leader
  • Contribute to the development of the brain sector
  • Showcase your research and activities
  • Make an impact: get a seat at the table with other stakeholders from the brain ecosystem
  • Join the circle of influence in the brain sector & network with key players in the brain research and innovation field — investors, researchers, clinicians, patient representatives, policymakers and more
  • Find new opportunities and connections, because this is the place to be!

We are creating something unique and we need your support to bring the innovation into this world and make the days a successful step forward for brain innovation.Join us on 26-27 October 2023 in Brussels, Belgium to be part of the journey.

The application process for the Innovation Showcase and Pitch Competition will open next week and remain open until 5 May 2023.Interested in sponsorship and/or any question? Contact the team anytime via