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Discover the theme of the 2024 Brain Innovation Days

This year’s Brain Innovation Days will take place under the overarching theme “Navigating the Brain Across a Lifetime“!

The main theme will revolve around 5 subthemes:
🧠 Blossoming Brains: Early Brain Development
🏫 Building Brains: Schools and Workplaces
🏥 Timeless Brains: Nurturing Resilience, Embracing Change
⚙️ Holistic Brains: Strategies for Brain Health in a Dynamic Society
🚀 Advancements in Neurotechnology: Pioneering Innovations

The programme will include a wide array of session types, including plenary sessions, inspiring Brain Talks, Poster and Innovation Showcase, matchmaking and networking activities (guided and spontaneous), the 4th Brain Innovation Days Pitch Competition, breakout sessions, hackathon, panels, how-to sessions and other excited session formats still under wraps and in development!

Call for applications will open soon!